Understanding the requirements of the Clients & the Architects
Developing the Lighting Concept based on the inputs from the Clients & Architects
Applying State-of-the-Art Lighting designs that best suit the Lighting concept
Selecting the right Luminaire, Lamp & Control equipments to achieve the concept
Optimizing initial investment costs & maximizing energy savings, using our expertise & preparing a Techno-commercial analysis of the Lighting system by applying various Luminaires, Lamp sources & Lighting control systems which best suits the Lighting concept; keeping in mind the ease of maintenance & the maintenance costs
Optimizing the ‘Total cost of ownership’ in relation to initial investment, installation, maintenance and energy costs
Preparing all necessary drawings and detailed working drawings
Formulating the Specifications & the Bill of Quantities for the Luminaires, Lamps & Lighting control system, Floating tenders & negotiating the best possible pricing with the manufacturer/s, Vendors on behalf of the client
Performing Quality control Check & Certiffying the Lighting products procured; Supervision of the installation & Commissioning of the Lighting control system