Principal Consultant

Praveen Thampi (Creative Director)
B.E, M.Tech (Illumination Technology), MBA (USA), MISLE, MIALD.

A Bachelor of Electronics & Communication Engineering, Praveen Thampi completed his Masters (M.Tech) in Illumination Technology from M.I.T, Manipal with flying colours & started his career as a Lighting Designer with Philips Lighting in the year 2000. He then went on to do his M.B.A in International Business from Apollo University, USA, before the inception of his own Architectural Lighting Design & Consultancy firm called The Ministry Of Light, in 2004. He is a Member of the Indian Society of lighting Engineers (ISLE) & IALD –International Association of Lighting Designers. 


He believes that Light is one of the most Ancient & yet one of the most complex Technologies known to Mankind which is still evolving; and Lighting is a combination of Several fields which Includes Lighting Science, Quantum Physics, Physiological Neuroscience, Electrical Engineering, Electronics Engineering & Optical Science. He believes that to be a Successful Lighting Architect one has to have a good understanding of Art & Architecture along with In-depth Knowledge on the above mentioned fields. He is a born Artist & has a special talent in understanding & analyzing Building Architecture. Over the years he has “Conceptualised & Designed” the lighting for several world renowned Monuments & Heritage structures. The 2003 Discovery on Non Image Forming (NIF) effects of Ocular light offered options for lighting solutions addressing both the Lighting needs for Vision and the Physiological effects of Light on the Human Circadian Rhythm. Praveen Thampi is one of the Pioneers who adapted the findings of the Physiological Effects of Light on the Human Circadian Rhythm into 24x7 Office Lighting Design wherein people working in 24x7 Call Centers across India were provided with melatonin suppression boosts with higher colour temperatures of Light in their workspaces to enhance their performance, reduce fatigue levels & keep them fully active especially during Night Shift Operations. Such lighting solutions resulted in a win-win situation for the employee and the employer as it improves the health and well-being on the one hand and increased productivity on the other. In 2004 he won the IESNA Illumination Design Award & the Philips International Lighting Design Award for the JP Morgan Chase Bank Call-centre at Mindspace, Mumbai for his Innovative Office Lighting Concepts. In 2010 & 2013, he won the E&Y Economic Times Award for ‘Excellence in Architectural Lighting Design”

He is one of the few Lighting Consultants worldwide who Specializes & Spearheads Innovative & Sustainable Office Lighting Techniques by blending the ASHRAE Standards, CEN, CIBSE LG7 Guidelines,  USGBC LEED Standards & WELL Lighting standards and follows the New Lighting Quality Standard Concept – LQS for all his projects. In 2008 the firm designed the Lighting for the Suzlon-One Earth Campus in Pune which is one of the Highest rated Platinum Green Buildings as per the USGBC LEED NC Standards & is also the First Platinum rated Green Building worldwide that complies 100% to the CIBSE LG7 Guidelines. Innovation in design & Applying new Lighting Technologies has been at the forefront of all his projects & thus most of the Projects designed & executed by him are Benchmarks in the Industry. Recently he designed a Large-scale Human Centric Lighting Project for Northern Trust Bank-Chicago, which is the first of its kind to simulate the various Colour Temperatures of Sunlight within an Office space, thus enhancing the Health & Well-being of the Occupants of the Space even during Night shift operations. 

He is the Driving Force at ‘The Ministry of Light’. 



Pooja Jethwani

A Bachelor of Science in Interior Design from INIFD, Mumbai, She is the Lead Project Co-ordinator & Business Development Manager at the Ministry Of Light.

Mehak Sharma

A Bachelor of Engineering from NMIMS, Mumbai, she started her career with L&T & after a short stint, joined as the Business Development Manager at ‘The Ministry of light’ for India operations.

Madhura Patil

A Post graduate Diploma in Interior Design from L.S.Raheja, Mumbai. She has undergone the Advanced Lighting design course at ‘The Ministry Of Light’ & specializes in Office & Interior Lighting Design.


Mrinalini Kalla

A Bachelor of Architecture from Sir J.J. College of Architecture Mumbai, She has undergone the Advanced Lighting Design Course at The Ministry Of Light & Specializes in Corporate Interior Lighting Design with 5 Yrs Experience.

Bhagyashree Bhawnani

A Post graduate Diploma in Interior Design from L.S. Raheja, Mumbai, She has undergone the Advanced Lighting design course at ‘The Ministry Of Light’ & specializes in Interior Lighting Design with 2 Yrs Experience.

Maria Avdiukova

A Bachelor of Management in International Business, from Stamford University, She did her Internship with ‘The Ministry of Light’, and then joined the firm after her graduation. She handles Business development & Project co-ordination at our Dubai Office.

Suchita Seksaria

A Post graduate Diploma in Interior Design from L.S. Raheja School of Architecture, Mumbai. She has undergone the Advanced Lighting design course at ‘The Ministry Of Light’ & specializes in Signages & Landscape Lighting Design

Isabella Murray

A MA Hons in Classics from the University of Edinburgh, U.K, She is the Business Development Manager at ‘The Ministry Of Light’ & also co-ordinates the P.R Activities of the Organisation.

Gerry Shirley

A Mechanical & Electrical Engineer he comes with 44 years of experience, working with various Multi-national Companies across the Asia Pacific region. With his immense experience, he is a Guiding Light at 'The Ministry of Light'.

Nimisha Saxena

An Advance diploma in Interior Design graduate from NIFT, Bhopal, She has undergone the Advanced Lighting design course at ‘The Ministry Of Light’ & specializes in Interior & Exterior Lighting Design with 8 Yrs Experience in Lighting Design & Project Co-ordination.