We have our Design offices in Hong Kong, Mumbai, Dubai, Delhi and Bangalore. Our Global Design Headquarters is our Design Studio based in Mumbai, which is also designed as per the latest WELL V2 & LEED Standards. We have a Team of 16 Lighting Designers, 4 Admin & Support Staff & 4 Project Coordinators, across our HK, Mumbai & Dubai Offices. Our Office uses 'State of the Art' Lighting Design softwares like Dialux, Calculux, Reelux, Evalprep (Photometric Evaluation Software) & other Simulation softwares like Adobe Photoshop, 3D-Max, AUTO-CAD Etc. We also have 2 Revit Design Operators on Contract. Our Mumbai & Dubai Offices are fully Equipped with Video Conferencing Facilities to cater to all our International projects. Our Studio is also an Academy for budding Lighting Designers, as most of our Designers are home grown. They come from different walks of design backgrounds and undergo a rigorous 6 month training on Lighting Fundamentals, Lighting Design softwares, Product Evaluation techniques etc.