Landscape lighting is best defined as the usage of outdoor illumination of private properties & public landscapes for the purpose of enhancing night-time aesthetics, accessibility, security & social entertainment / events. Quality landscape lighting can extend the footprint of a property visually by increasing the ease of use as well as the ambience. Landscape lighting helps with visibility & aesthetics at night and also enhances the Safety & security by brightening up the Outdoor space. A Landscape Architect usually designs the Landscape primarily for the Daytime. They also usually give a basic Lighting Concept for Landscape for the Night-time. It is a Lighting Designer who then further develops the Basic concept given by the Landscape Architect to create a pleasing Visual Lighting Ambience for the Night-time. When it comes to outdoor lighting it is important that the Luminaire Specifications take into Account the Ingress protection class of the Luminaires based on its application, Robustness against vandalism & Glare Control. In Landscape Lighting, Glare Limitation is the Key & so if the Lighting Source is Visible to the Human eye, it can completely spoil the Lighting Ambience. So, it is important to ensure that the right type of Anti-glare Louvers is used in each type of Luminaire depending on its application in Landscape Lighting. Also, many a times it is noticed that even though one buys the best quality outdoor luminaires available in the market, if the Connecting cables are not used with the right IP Rating, this can also still lead to Water entry in Luminaires during Wet weather conditions through Capillary effect. Another important aspect of landscape lighting involves understanding the wide array of Drivers and landscape Luminaire options available, each having their own unique ability to light the space and accentuate the key elements of the Landscape. Given the wide range of options to consider and choose from, it is important to have a Qualified & experienced Lighting Design Consultant to gather the total scope of the project and steer the project in the most Optimum way of illuminating the unique features of the Landscape. Be it a Stunning Villa, Five Star Resort, Residential tower, Street Concept Mall, Large Township or Commercial Buildings with associated Landscapes, Lighting is an important tool in transforming these spaces to create a memorable Night-time atmosphere.

We, at ‘The Ministry of Light’ have successfully Designed & Commissioned Landscape lighting projects in prominent cities like Mumbai, Pune, Dubai, Muscat, Hyderabad, Chennai, Bangalore etc. Some of the famous Landscape landmarks designed by us are RWITC-Mumbai Racecourse, Raheja Platinum-Mumbai, HQS – La Mer Dubai, TCS Sahayadri Park-Pune; Raheja Club Exotica-Madh Island, TCS Siruseri Campus - Chennai; HDFC Vertical Garden - Mumbai; Sahara Amby Valley – Lonawala, TCS Adibatla Campus-Hyderabad, Adani Corporate Office – Ahmedabad, Westin – Hyderabad etc.