Hospitality Lighting is all about creating a Warm & Welcoming Lighting Ambience. The Lighting design should portray a spectacular Visual environment which enhances the vivacity of the space. Light & the perception of space has an impact on the overall guest experience in creating an everlasting impression, that develops a desire to frequent the space more often.

Hospitality Lighting may be broadly divided into Front of House (FOH) Lighting & Back of House (BOH) Lighting. The FOH Areas would include the Entrance Lobby, Reception Areas, Lobby lounge, Banquet halls, Speciality Restaurants & Bars, Clubhouse & Spa areas, Gym, Lift Lobbies, Room corridors, Various categories of Rooms, Pool areas, Landscape & Hardscape areas. The BOH Areas include the Offices of the Hotel staff, Kitchen areas, Laundry & Services areas. From a Lighting design perspective, the FOH Area Lighting would be more focussed on creating the best Lighting ambiance, Flexibility & Mood setting and creating a ‘WoW’ factor, while the BOH Area Lighting would be more focussed on Functionality & Energy saving.

Setting the Right Mood for a FOH space through Lighting is a very tricky affair since the Ambience varies for Daytime, Dusk-time & Nighttime; and the Lighting system has to be designed in such a way that it is flexible to cater to all these different Lighting Scenarios. Hence it is important to have an Intelligent Lighting Management system which helps in creating these varying Lighting Scenes & can be easily Re-called through a Central Scene-Select module. The challenge is to design the Lighting in such a way that the Glare is completely eliminated, but the Crispness in the Lighting ambiance is still maintained without making the space look Dull & Gloomy when the Lights are dimmed down. Only a well experienced & qualified Hospitality Lighting Consultant can help to achieve the most Optimum Lighting Ambience required for Hospitality Lighting & at ‘The Ministry of Light’, we have a Well experienced & diversified team of qualified professionals specializing in Hospitality lighting Design, Interior design, Electrical & Electronics engineering, Illumination Technology & LEED Accreditation, who works together with the Project Architects & Interior Design Consultants to come up with numerous Jaw-dropping Lighting concepts for various Hospitality projects. Think Luxury hospitality Lighting, Think ‘The Ministry of Light’.

We have designed the Lighting for some of the leading hotels of the World such as Taj Hotels, Hyatt, Marriott, Westin Hotels, Park Hotels, Playboy Hospitality, and several Unique Standalone Restaurants across Asia Pacific, India & Middle East.