Light enables us to see the surroundings in our visual environment and how we perceive our surroundings depend on how well it is illuminated. The first Impression when one enters a Mall is the ‘WoW’ factor created by the Luminances that encompasses the Visual environment. The Key to creating this overwhelming Visual environment is primarily done by the use of a combination of Direct Lighting in Conjunction with Indirect Cove lighting as well as by Illuminating certain Vertical features which fall in the Visual path. Intelligently designed lighting can inspire purchase impulses and change purchasing behaviour of customers and using smart lighting to guide people and encourage exploration of the whole mall by creating distinctive lighting experiences with emotional impact. With Malls increasingly becoming all-round entertainment centres; while browsing, customers also expect to find comfortable areas in the mall where they can enjoy a coffee, eat in a restaurant and relax for a moment as well as finding the shop they are looking for. LED strips, hidden in an architectural coves, coffered ceilings, or crown moulding, can create bright, cheerful surfaces in a mall setting. Also, to enhance the Grandeur, it is important that when one walks through the Grand corridors of the Mall, one can experience this Indirect Cove-Lighting in Conjunction with the Vertical Facia of the Adjoining stores. Well Controlled Skylights with Daylight fenestrations that are completely devoid of glare are also Key features in Large Atriums of the Mall, which helps the Customer relate to the Outdoor environment while strolling through the Long corridors of the Mall.

In Malls where it is not possible to bring in Natural Daylight, due to constraints of the Architecture, it is important that the Artificial Lighting can simulate the Natural Daylight outside through the use of Tuneable-white LED Circadian Lighting system. This ensures that the Customer feels well connected with the Outdoor Environment, even though they are strolling inside the Mall, thus encouraging them to spend more time inside the Mall engaged in Shopping & various other activities. The lighting of the mall have to be Designed in such a way that it caters to different Seasons & occasions, So flexibility is the Key. Improving luminous efficacy, reliability and reduction in Running & Maintenance costs also hold the key to a Successful Mall’s Lighting.

We at the Ministry of Light have successfully designed & commissioned Innovative, Sustainable and Cost-effective Mall lighting projects across various cities globally. Some of the most prominent Mall Lighting Projects developed by us are Palladium Mall-Mumbai, Muscat Grand Mall-Oman, Centre Square Mall-Ahmedabad, Virtuous Retail Mall-Surat, Centre Square Mall-Kochi, Galaxy Mall-Raigad, Burjuman Mall-Dubai, C.Krishnaiah Chetty & Sons-Bangalore etc.