In the Modern world, one spends more than 50% of the time in a day at workplaces, than at homes. Hence it becomes vital to have the Workplace designed in such a way that it caters to the general well-being of a person. Lighting plays a very critical role here. Lighting ambience and Luminances are known to have a huge impact on one’s emotions and mood. Studies reveal that the interplay of light and space, as well as light and surfaces, can enhance one’s mood and also lead to higher productivity. This is where WELL Standards for Lighting play a crucial role; and all our Office Lighting designs follow the latest WELL V2 Lighting standards, CIBSE LG7 Standards and LEED Standards for a particular space. We pay special attention to the well-being of the occupants and hence focus on Human Centric Lighting blended with Natural Daylight, that in turn also reduces operational costs immensely. It is important to note that Circadian Lighting, which is gaining a lot of popularity, especially in Call centers & BPOs working 24x7, is only a small aspect of Human Centric Lighting.

To understand the different types of Commercial Office Luminaires available in the market and making the right decision on Which Luminaires are optimum for a particular room, it is important to have Lighting Design Consultants on board any Office Design project. Established in 2004 in Hong Kong, The Ministry of Light is one of the few Lighting Consultants in Mumbai specializing in offering innovative lighting solutions for Office & Workspace Lighting Design. We understand that lighting design is subjective and hence work together with clients and architects to come up with creative ideas that bring out the key features of the Office space and make every corner of the space come alive.

We are Pioneers in office Lighting Design worldwide & we have won several International awards in Innovative Office Lighting. Over the years, we have become the most renowned Lighting consultants in Dubai, Bangalore, Mumbai, Pune, Delhi, Chennai, Kolkata & Hyderabad. We have worked with numerous Information Technology Companies across Middle east & Asia Pacific, right from Concept Design to Design Detailing to Drawing the technical Specifications of Luminaires & Lighting Controls equipment to Tendering & Selection of luminaries to finally Supervising the Installation & Commissioning the Lighting & Lighting Management system. It is our endeavor to recommend the finest possible lighting solution for each application area. IT Offices, BPOs & Call Centres need different ambiences for Open workstation areas, Meeting Rooms, Conference/VC rooms, Board rooms, Reception areas, Cabins, Cafetarias & Breakout Spaces and Washrooms. We specialize in offering our consulting solutions for the Interior Lighting, Architectural Façade Lighting and Exterior Landscape Lighting of Large IT Campuses & SEZ Facilities.

We specialize in Office Lighting Design & we have a diversified team of qualified professionals with Masters Degrees in Architectural lighting design, Interior Lighting design, Electrical & Electronics engineering and Illumination Technology, who are also LEED Accredited Professionals. The team works together with the Project Architects after fully understanding the Client Requirements & Functionality of each space, and come up with various possibilities of Lighting the Spaces in the most Energy efficient manner, keeping in mind the Well-being of the Occupants. Upon Client approval, we then go ahead with Design detailing, Drawing up Technical Specifications & Tender documentation. What sets us apart is that we focus on Aesthetics, Technicality as well as Practicality. All our lighting solutions are designed keeping in mind the Ambience & Functionality desired for a particular Space within the Office. Our designs enhances the Natural lighting along the glazing areas in Open workstation areas so as to maximise the Daylight savings by use of Special grade Motorised Blinds which work on an Astronomical clock based on the Geo-location of the Workspace.

We have recently designed the World’s first Truly Human Centric Lighting project for Northern Trust Bank in Pune with an IOT based Circadian Lighting using Tunable White LED system. We also specialize in Lighting Management System Design & IOT System Design which no other Professional Lighting Consultancy firm offers internationally. Our Projects in Pune like the Suzlon One Earth campus, which was the Highest rated Platinum Green building with a CIBSE LG7 Lighting certification, and the NOS Pune Campus which is the World’s first truly Human centric lighting project, has brought us the fame as one of the best Lighting consultants in Pune, India. The Ministry of Light is also among the well-known Lighting Designers in Delhi, Dubai, & Hong kong.

Contrary to common belief, Office Lighting is one of the most Challenging aspects of Professional Lighting Design & it is extremely important to have a Lighting Consultant on board any Office Design project, just as it is Inevitable to have an MEP Consultant on board.