Lighting today has become a key ingredient of our well-being & occupies prime mind space in Commercial Offices, Software Development Centres, Call-centres, Multiplexes, Townships, City beautification, Public utility areas, homes & other establishments, playing a vital role in the way people experience and understand architecture. Whether buildings and structures are lit naturally by the Day or artificially by the Night, Light is the medium that allows us to see and appreciate the beauty in the Architecture around us. In principle, light is an electromagnetic wave which when hits the eye, creates a sensation of vision and which when hits the supra-charismatic nucleus in the brain (Our Circadian System), controls the various secretions of the brain which in turn controls the overall well-being of the human body. Good lighting from an Architectural/Interior design perspective is one that helps create a glare free lighting ambience, when available in the right quantity, depending of the functionality of the space. Lighting can bring an emotional value to architecture. Whether it’s Daylighting or Artificial lighting, light draws attention to textures, colours, and forms of a space, helping architecture achieve its true purpose. Architectural lighting works to serve and enhance the architecture, not merely as an accessory, but to create a cohesive spatial experience. The term encompasses three main factors. The first is the Aesthetics, which is important for residential and commercial applications. The second consideration is Ergonomics or functionality — Any aspect which improves one’s ability to live, work, function, relax or play, to make the space easier to use. The third aspect is Energy Efficiency & Maintenance, which ensures that the Carbon footprint is minimised, thus reducing the energy costs & maintenance costs. Architectural lighting design Imagines, Creates, Integrates, Infuses and Organizes lighting into a coordinated system, including factoring in for the maximisation of Natural light, Optimisation of Electric light, and Blending the two for the Well-being of the Occupants & the Aesthetics of the space. The Ministry Of Light spans the globe with an amazing array of lighting concepts that has touched the lives of millions having extensive expertise & competence in all aspects of Lighting – Lamp sources, Luminaire optics, Lighting Control Systems, Lighting Management systems & their applications. We at The Ministry Of Light endeavour to bring to you the finest in lighting solutions for each application area, designing the Lighting Concepts for various Application Areas which include Building Facades, Malls, Multiplexes, Airports & Seaports, Sports Stadiums, Monuments & Heritage Structures, Bridges, Landscapes, Township Lighting Master plans, Hotels & Hospitals etc. We have won several International Awards for our Innovative & Energy Efficient Lighting Solutions. We won the E&Y Economic Times Award for “Excellence in Architectural Lighting Design”. We have also won the International Lighting Award for World’s Best Office Lighting from IESNA (Illumination Engineers’ Society of North America) for the J.P. Morgan Chase Office Lighting project at Mindspace, Mumbai; which is considered as a Benchmark in Office Lighting worldwide. Over the past 15 Years, we have successfully designed & commissioned over 300+ projects across Asia-Pacific and have completed over 50 Min. Sq. ft. of Office Interiors. Some of the renowned buildings for which we have developed the Lighting Concept include the Taj Mahal Palace Hotel - Mumbai, Sahara Amby Valley, Taj Lands’ End – Mumbai, Muscat Grand Mall – Oman, American University – Iraq, HQS 459 – La Mer Dubai, Google Offices – Bangalore & Hyderabad, TCS Siruseri Campus - Chennai, Burjuman Mall-Dubai, Royal Calcutta Turf Club – Kolkata, Amazon Chennai Campus, Adani Corporate Office – Ahmedabad, Siemens Corporate Office – Mumbai, Volkswagen HQ – Mumbai, Suzlon Corporate Campus – Pune etc . We, at the Ministry of Light were the first to introduce “Blue Spectrum Light” in 24x7 call centre’s to supress the Melatonin secretion of the brain and improve staff efficiency way back in 2004 for one of the J.P. Morgan Chase offices in Mumbai. In 2016, we designed the World’s first Large scale 24x7 truly Human-centric Lighting project for the Northern Trust Facility in Pune. In 2008 we designed the Suzlon Corporate Campus in Pune which was at that time the Highest rated Platinum Green Building in the world with a CIBSE LG7 Lighting Certification. In 2014, we designed & executed India’s first Night racing track for Royal Western India Turf Club, which even today is the only Night racing track in India as per International Standards. Sustainability is an important parameter in our design process at the Ministry Of Light. Collaborating with architects and interior designers, we consider every aspect of lighting from the Start of the design process and integrate aesthetically appealing, energy efficient Design solutions as we seek to create a Unique lighting system for every project that will realize all the practical benefits of sustainable design through careful coordination and collaboration with the client and architectural team.